Request Software in Engineering Labs

This form is to request certain software to be available in one or more of the computing labs supported by CECS. Please keep in mind that for most software, we require two weeks advance notice. Oftentimes, we are able to deploy your software quicker, but there is no guarantee. Very large packages (Autodesk, Creo, Solidworks) are just too big to attempt to upgrade in place and require re-imaging. Thus large packages can only be installed in June, July, and over semester break in December/January.
This section defines the software that you are requesting to be installed/updated.
Please be descriptive, with the specific room number, not the common name of the lab. You can also say "All Engineering Labs", "All ECE Labs", etc.
The terms of the license, please be specific. If you are expecting to use a free version, please indicate the URL to the EULA so we can verify that it is legal. Otherwise, indicate URLs or attach license documentation to prove that we are entitled to install this package.