Request CECS Computer Lab

This form is to request the use of a computer lab managed by the College of Engineering Computing Services (CECS). We currently manage the scheduling of Seaton 54, Fiedler 1092, and soon Engineering Hall 1113 opening in Spring 2016.
The name of the instructor wishing to reserve the computer lab.
If the named instructor will not be physically present, please indicate the names and K-State eIDs of the TAs or others who will be in the room during the reserved times.
Name of the Event, Class or Group that will be using the room. Please use K-State course numbers, such as CIS 101, when applicable.
Number of people expected to use the room.
Date of event. If for a recurring class, please indicate the semester, days of the week and start/stop times of the class.
Please indicate start-stop time, examples: 2:30-3:20, 8-5, etc.
If this is for a class, will the final be held in the computer lab? If so, please indicate in the notes below when the final is.
Please select which computer lab you would prefer.
Check this box if you want the instructor computer to autologon for your event/class.
This is to make the student computers autologon for your event. This should not be requested for normal classes, as students might need to print or save files to their H: drives which would not be an option if the computer was on the autologon account.
Any other relevant information, such as special software required or anything of that nature.