Service-Now ticket creation

How to create a service-now ticket:

If you need to create a service now ticket for issue that telecom or central IT need to fix, you can go here:  This will bring up the main KSU Service-Now page. Click on the link to go to the service now main page. You will have to duo Authenticate with your eID and password:

Once you are on the Service-Now main page there are several options you can choose from, depending on the request you are filing. For VLAN changes you can click on the General IT Request tab.

Once you go to that that form, fill in all the information requested. For any Service-Now form filed you must put Ray as a requestor: You do that in the form request in the Open on Behalf of this user field. You might have to type out before the field auto-populates.

After you fill out all the info click on the Request Now button in the top right corner. This will submit the ticket to the department you selected. There are lot of department available to choose. For a VLAN change it is the network group.