Uploading Files and Images

To upload a file or image, edit your page to the point that you have already clicked on the "Insert Image" or "Add/Edit Hyperlink" button. In the window that pops up, click on the "Browse" button next to the first text box. In both cases, the button looks like this:


Clicking on the "Browse" button will pop up the file browser:


All of the files you upload should be stored somewhere within the "docs" directory at the top of your site. To get there, either click on the name of the site that you are a part of (engg, bae, che, imse, arecns) right above the list of files and below the text "File Browser", or continue clicking "up to parent directory" until you are at the top of the site.

Once you've navigated to the directory (either "docs" or a directory within "docs") you would like to upload the file to, click on the "Upload" button and "Choose File" to find the file that you want to upload. You do not need to worry about specifying a "New File Name". Clicking on "Upload" will confirm that the file was uploaded, and the file should now show up in the file listing for you to select.

Tip: Do any editing of your images to get them to the right size and cropped like you want them to be before uploading them to OmniUpdate.