OmniUpdate Page Components

Page components

Pages have several components. The main components that you will be creating are the breadcrumb, unit address, unit menu, and unit note.

Note about the unit address, unit menu, and unit note

These elements are inherited from the parent directory of the page that is being viewed. If one doesn't exist in that directory, it keeps looking up the directory structure until it finds one. This allows you to override one of the elements placed higher up in the directory structure (at the base of the site) by creating one in the directory of the pages that you want to use it for.

This is useful if you want to create a website within your site that uses a different address, menu, and note, as is the case with faculty pages and service units.


The breadcrumb is a trail that tells the viewer how to get back to higher levels of the site.

For each directory, you specify one section to be added to the breadcrumb ("Dean's Welcome", "State of the College").

Unit Address

The unit address lies just below the menu, and is one of the three items that can appear in the left sidebar.

It should contain contact information for your organizational unit. Not every page needs to have a unit address, but it is recommended to have a unit address on at least your front page.

Unit menu

The unit menu is how the viewer navigates your site. Every page will have one, and it is the second of three things that can appear in the left sidebar.

Unit Note

The last item that can appear in the left sidebar is the Unit Note. This can be used for quick links or just a note pertaining to your organizational unit. This element may or may not be used on your website.