Creating an OmniUpdate Page

Each directory should contain exactly one webpage entitled "index.pcf", any necessary page-specific notes, menus, or addresses, as well as any other directories necessary to create the structure for your site.

  • Browse to the directory that your page should be in (if creating a "mission" page under "about", then you should be browsing to the "about" directory before completing the following steps)
  • Create the directory for your new page, giving it a name that generally fits the page

  • Next, create the breadcrumb for the page you are creating
  • Finally, create the actual Page. It is recommended that you create a "3 column" page, whether you'd like items in the right sidebar or not. This keeps line lengths smaller for a more optimal reading experience.
    • The title should reflect the title of your page
    • The page contents can be left blank as a better text editor will be available after the page has been created
    • The filename should always be 'index.pcf'
    • The other options can, and generally should, be left untouched.