How to Print

1 Summary

Most users don't need much information to print successfully in the Engineering PC Classrooms. It's only when problems develop that more detailed knowledge is needed. With that thought in mind, the "how to print" information is roughly organized as follows:

  • an overview of our printers and networked printing environment
  • how to print - specifics and details
  • how to resolve common problems

2 Overview - network printing

All printers in our computing labs are networked. If you are logged into any of our lab computers, you can print on any lab printer. When you print, your print job will be directed to the default printer unless you select another one. The default printer is usually the closest one, usually in the same room.

Each printer has a "waiting line" called a print queue. When you print, your print job goes directly into the queue of the printer you selected. All print jobs are added to the end of the current queue and are printed in the same order as received.

When you submit a job into the queue for a printer, a printer icon is displayed in the system tray. You may double-click this icon to display all the jobs currently in the queue, and from there you may also cancel or pause any jobs you own. Similar tools are always available by clicking Start | Settings | Printers.

You can print at any time. You do not have to wait until the queue is empty or the printer is not busy.

Once your print job has been submitted to a print queue, you may log off if you wish to. Your print job will proceed whether you are logged in or not.

If the queue is empty when you print, your job will be first in line and will start printing in just a few seconds. Otherwise, your job will have to wait its turn until it is first in line. While your job is waiting it is possible to cancel it or to place it on "hold".

Just before your print job actually prints, your account balance will be checked. If your balance is large enough to cover the number of pages in the print job, your job will print. If your balance is insufficient, your print job will be deleted without printing.

2.1 Our printers and their locations

The College of Engineering provides two LaserJet printer locations for general use by anyone in the college:

  • Fiedler 1093 (Fiedler Learning Commons): engg-duf1093-bw, these printers are only installed on the computers in the Fiedler Learning Commons
  • Engineering Hall 1127 (DUE1127, across the hall from our DUE1113 ExxonMobil Computer Lab): engg-due1127-bw, these printers are installed on all Engineering Labs and Study Rooms

We have multiple printers serving print requests in each location for faster throughput and redundancy if a printer develops problems.  You simply print to a named print queue (e.g., "engg-due1127-bw") and your print request will be handled by the next available printer serving that print queue.

3 How to delete or change a print job

Things can happen fast in the world of network printing. If you print something, you may have only a few seconds to act before your job prints. But if the print queue is long, or if the printer is offline, or if you have mistakenly printed a huge file, you may indeed have time to cancel or modify your print job.

The fastest way to take action is to double-click the printer icon that pops up in the system tray when you print. Select/highlight your print request. Press the Delete key to delete the print job, or right-click with the mouse to bring up a menu of choices (Pause, Resume, Restart, Cancel).