1 You must have an account and password

You must have a current, valid Engineering account to log into and use these College of Engineering computers:

  • Seaton 54 computer lab
  • Fiedler 1092 computer lab
  • Fiedler Learning Commons computers
  • Fiedler study room computers
  • Fiedler checkout laptops
  • Fiedler 1091 (Cargill Advanced Technology Classroom)
  • Engineering Hall 1113 (Exxon Mobil Computer Lab)

2 Enter your login name and password

After the operating system boots you will need to login by entering your Engineering login name and password.

  • Type your login name and password in the areas provided, then press ENTER (or click on OK).

Hint : after typing your login name, the TAB key will move the cursor to the password box.
After typing your password, you may press the Enter key to quickly finish the process.

Your password will not be shown on the screen when you type it.

3 Login problems and their solutions

If you cannot log in, there could be many reasons for the problem.  Some of the most common ones we see are:

  • You recently changed your password but are not sure what you changed to
  • You mistyped your login name
  • You mistyped your password
  • Your password contains numbers and you used the numeric keypad, but "Num Lock" was not on so you were not actually typing numbers.
  • A network problem (or even a loose network cable) is preventing the communication of your login request.
  • Your account has been disabled or removed by a systems administrator

You may be able to diagnose and/or correct the problem from reading the list above or from the message you receive when your login attempt fails.

To reset your engineering password, go to http://password.engg.ksu.edu and enter your K-State eID and password.  If they are correct, your engineering password will be reset on the spot to match your university eID password.  That web page has more details.

For help with any login problem, first try resetting your password on the password page. If that doesn't, please come to 30 Seaton Hall.