Get An Account

1 How to Get an Account

Engineering accounts are automatically created using information from the registrar's office and other sources when possible.  Engineering accounts can also be created by our support office in Seaton 0012.

Eligibility: All College of Engineering students, faculty and staff are eligible for an Engineering computing account. Persons outside the College of Engineering may be eligible for a temporary Engineering account if enrolled in an engineering course.

2 About your Engineering account

Your Engineering account and password is entirely separate from your university computing account. However, just like the university, we use your K-State eID as the login name for your account.

3 How to get a password for your account

You assume control of your Engineering account by setting your account password to something only you know. This can happen in several ways.

  • New engineering students are given information about their Engineering account, and are helped with initial logins and changing their passwords, during new student orientation sessions.

  • You can set your password yourself by visiting our password page at
  • If the password page does not work, you probably need to have your account manually created.  You will need to visit our support office in Seaton 0012 for assistance.

Please read our Lab Policies page for information regarding appropriate and fair use of Engineering computing resources.