Labs FAQ

Can I access my home directory files from off-campus?

Yes, you can.

Your College of Engineering home directory is located on our main server, referenced as "". You can connect to this server using Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

To connect from off-campus, you must first connect to the campus through K-State's Virtual Private Network (VPN).  Attempts to connect directly will not work.  On-campus connections do not need to (and should not) use the VPN.  VPN software (free for K-State faculty/staff/students) is available here.

We recommend using WinSCP to access your home directory. It is free and can be downloaded from It is installed on our lab computers as part of the standard set of internet tools

  • Host:
  • Login name: Your user name
  • Protocol: SFTP (our server does not support SCP)

I can't run Firefox/Chrome

If you cannot start Firefox or Chrome, the problem may be insufficient space on your home directory (drive H:). Both Firefox and Chrome store some user-specific files (like bookmarks and preferences) in your home directory, in a directory it creates called H:\Firefox or H:\Chrome. A typical error message would be something like "Unable to copy file H:\Firefox\something" or "Firefox is already running". The recommended solution is to move or delete some files from your home directory.

If Firefox/Chrome starts, but does not run correctly, it may be due to damaged or incorrect Firefox/Chrome files in your home directory. Try renaming the H:\Firefox or H:\Chrome directory. a new one will be created automatically when you re-launch the browser.