How to Use the Engineering Listserv

The LISTSERV mailing list is an efficient way to send emails to a specific collection of recipients. An example of this would be wanting to sent an email to only engineering freshmen and not to the entire engineering student body. This page will guide you through the requirements needed to make that happen.

In order to properly utilize the listserv, you need to send an email to engg_students with two topics. The first topic needs to be from the set of:

  • allclass, every, fr, so, jr, sr, ft  

Those topics represent the following subsets: ?, everybody, freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, faculty. So sending an email with a topic of fr will send to all freshmen.

The seconds topics needs to be from the set of:

  • every, allcurr, are, bse, ce, che, cmpen, cnsm, cs, ee, enun, ie, is, me, mfse, pcnsm, pare

Those topics represent the following subsets of the college of engineering: ?, ?, architectual, biological systems, civil, chemical, computer engineering, computer science, electrical, general engineering, industrial, information systems, mechanical, manufacturing systems, pre-construction science & management, pre-architectual.