College of Engineering Password Change Information

Password Update Checklist

K-state eID passwords can now be a short "passphrase" from 10 to 30 characters long, with words and blank spaces allowed. You may find a short passphrase easier to use and remember.
  1. Disable wireless access on devices that access your Office 365 email or calendar.
  2. Change your K-State eID password at
  3. Update your engineering password at
    (For our labs, library, and on BAE, EECE and CECS-supported computers)
  4. For computers managed by CECS, log out and back into your computer.
    (IMPORTANT: Laptops must be on-campus and online)
  5. Update saved passwords in your mail client and other applications on computers, laptops and mobile devices.
  6. Re-enable wireless access on your devices.
  7. When on campus, update the wireless password on any wireless device that
    uses K-State's eID-password-protected Wi-Fi network, "KSU wireless". You may want to use K-State's automated configuration tool (XpressConnect), available here:

    If your account gets locked, the lock will time out in 30 minutes, or you can call the K-State Help Desk (532-7722) to have your account unlocked.


  • I am having trouble setting my new eID password

    See the K-State Password FAQ

  • The engineering password page is not working

    Ensure you are using your eID (the part before the "" in your email address) and your new password (not your old one).

  • Outlook issues

If your outlook stops syncing try and load outlook in safe mode to force outlook to prompt for a new password. 

Bring up a run dialog box: Hit windows key + r

type outlook /safe

This will load outlook in safe mode. You have to choose your outlook profile. Then after a minute or two it should pop up a dialogue box to enter your password. Check the box to remember your password. After it loads and syncs, close outlook and then open normally. If it prompts again for a password, enter it and make sure the check box to save credentials is checked.

  • Other problems

    If you are still having problems, please contact us using our information in the footer of this page.