Engineering Accounts

The College of Engineering provides a college-wide computer account to all faculty, staff and students in the college. This is separate from your university computer account. We call this your "Engineering account".

This account is created for you when you join the college, and remains with you for as long as you continue to be associated with the college. It provides open access to college computers, software, printing and support services.  You can activate your Engineering account on our password page at

Your college account allows you to login to computers in the Fiedler Learning Commons, the college computing labs, the Fiedler Hall study rooms, the laptops available for checkout in the Fiedler Learning Commons, and other college resources. Additionally, some departments use the same system for logins on some computers, so your college login name and password may be valid in your department as well. Once you are logged in, the college provides a home directory for you, mapped to drive letter H:. This is a network drive, so any files you store there will be available wherever you login.

Your account also has a printing allowance for laser printers in college computer labs and Fiedler Learning Commons. Your account balance limits the number of free copies you can print. Every week, we add more free copies to your account balance.

How is my Engineering account related to my KSU account and eID?

Your Engineering account is entirely separate from your university account. It is created by the college and managed within the college. Any change in your university account does not affect your Engineering account -- and vice versa.

However, your Engineering account uses the same university eID to identify you, and our password page sets your Engineering account password to be the same as your university eID password. This makes the Engineering and university accounts seem to be the "same", even though they are not. If you change your university eID password, for example, your Engineering account password does not change.