Fiedler Auditorium (Fiedler 1107)

fiedler overview

Fiedler auditorium provides a full multimedia presentation environment. Adjustable lighting, professional sound and video display systems, a user-friendly presentation console, and a comfortable atmosphere help make this an excellent presentation facility.


fiedler seating

The auditorium provides comfortable seating arranged in arcs across seven descending tiers, allowing a clear view of the presentation material from anywhere in the audience. It can hold 192 students.


fiedler lighting panel

A control panel at the front of the room provides individual control over banks of lights, as well as six useful presets for commonly desired lighting configurations.


fiedler sound

A professional sound system automatically adjusts volume levels and mixes multiple audio inputs. No adjustment by presenters is necessary.


fiedler podium

A movable podium incorporates full access to a multimedia presentation system.

fiedler touchscreen

A series of touch-screen menus let the presenter select and control all multimedia equipment. To the right of the touch-screen are connections for electrical power, laptop video, laptop audio, and network access.

fiedler equipment

A door on the podium gives the presenter access to the computer which can be used to play DVD or Blue Ray disks.

Document Camera

fiedler elmo

An ELMO projector, or document camera, is contained in a slide-out tray on the side of the podium. Once turned on, be sure to select it on the presentation touch screen to have it sent to the projector.