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Technical Support

College of Engineering Computing Services

Phone: 785-532-4643


To use the presentation system

  • To turn the television display on or off press the DISPLAY ON/OFF button on the Crestron control panel located to the right of the television.
  • If the presentation system is not display press the PC button on the Crestron control panel.
    • Note: A small red light will indicate the input currently selected.
  • If the presentation system is not on, located the presentation system computer in the closed and press the Power button to turn the presentation system on.
  • A wireles keyboard and mouse are available for use, in the closet.
  • On the bottom of the wireless keyboard or mouse there is an on/off switch. Move the switch to the on position to use the wireless keyboard or mouse.
  • There are four USB port available on the front of the presentation system to use a flash drive or other USB device.

To use a laptop

  • Secure the VGA cable and audio cable, located inside the closet with the presentation system, to your laptop.
  • If the television display is not on, press the DISPLAY ON/OFF button on the Crestron Control panel.
  • To display your laptop on the television display press VGA on the Crestron Control panel.
    • Note: A red light will illuminate unter the selected input.
  • It may be necessary to tell your Windows laptop to direct the signal to the projector. Locate the  key on your laptop, hold it down, and press the "P" key simultaneously. Windows system display mode will appear, and you will want to select "Duplicate".
  • If you are using a Mac laptop you will need to connect the provided VGA cable, click the upper left-hand Apple menu, select System Preferences, then Displays, and finally select "Detect Displays". Please locate your computer manual for the keyboard shortcut.

To use the camera

  • To turn the camera on or off press the ON/OFF button on the Crestron Control panel. 
  • The Preset 1 button on the Crestron Control panel will turn the camera to the left side of the room. 
  • The Preset 2 button on the Crestron Control panel will turn the camera to the right side of the room.
  • You may also use Zoom +Zoom -, and Directional Arrows to change the camera view.

Warning: Security software on this computer will erase all changes made on the next reboot. This includes any files or data you may have created. These lost files are non-recoverable. To use a network drive for your data, please use the "ENGG Login" shortcut located on the desktop of the computer.