Cargill Classroom Faculty Usage Guide

Information for Faculty who teach in the Cargill Classroom

Naming Convention

Please refer to Fiedler 1091 as the "Cargill Classroom" -- that's the one designation most likely to be understood by faculty and staff in the Carl R. Ice College of Engineering. Students, however, will probably not be familiar with this designation.

General Use Policies

Here are our general use policies. You are responsible for ensuring that these are observed. Faculty using the Cargill Classroom are not authorized to waive policies on food (or tobacco, which is a building-wide policy).

  • No food
  • Drinks are OK if in spill-proof containers
  • No tobacco products
  • No posting of notices

When finished using the room,

  • Shutdown the podium system and projector
  • Raise the projection screen
  • Leave the room in a neat, orderly condition for the next user
    • Erase the whiteboard
    • Check for personal items left in the room
    • Put all waste in trash containers
  • Turn off the lights
  • Close and lock the door.  The room should be locked when not in use.

Getting help

  • For anything not urgent, email requests to (See our support page for why this is usually the best and most effective procedure.)
  • For urgent items, call (785) 532-4643 (CECS/Engineering Computing Services)
  • Feel free to contact our full time support staff at any time:

Engineering Computing Services


  • Check with the Dean of Engineering office, Rathbone 1046 (532-5590) to report problems with lighting, heating, teaching supplies like whiteboard markers, room cleanliness, etc.

Student Computers, Accounts, Printing

There are 22 student computers in the room. Their configuration is identical to other computers we provide for student/faculty use in our open-use computer labs, the Fiedler Learning Commons, our student study rooms, etc. In particular:

  • Engineering account, and password, are required to login. Engineering students should already have an account.
  • All computers have security software installed which removes all user files and changes on the LOCAL hard drive when the machine is rebooted. Any files saved on the local (C:) drive will be lost on reboot. Many - but not all - students are aware of this.
  • Every student's Engineering account comes with
    • a home directory (drive H:) on a network drive, available no matter which computer they log into. Files here persist until removed by the user.
    • a fairly generous printing account balance.
  • In the Cargill Classroom, printed output will go by default to the laser printer in Fiedler 1092, next door. This printer's network name is "Franklin".
  • Information about student accounts, printing, software, account balances, passwords etc is at

Your Faculty Engineering Account

Your account is a standard Engineering account. It has the same privileges and features as the student accounts have. Your account will allow you to login on computers in the Fiedler Learning Commons, Fiedler 1092 and a few other locations, as well as in the Cargill Classroom. You can use your account as you see fit; among other things, it will let you experience exactly the same work environment we give to students.